Pace Picks Up Today at Çatalhöyük

Today on site at Çatalhöyük as the 2015 excavation season gets into swing.

Çatalhöyük 2015 Excavation Begins

Testing out a new dig camera on site today as the team assembles for the 2015 excavation season at Çatalhöyük.

On Site Today at Çatalhöyük

Chris helps Kasia with a skeleton removal in a Building 80 burial (South Area) as Justine logs details.

On going excavation in Trench 3 of the TP Connection area just East of the South Shelter.

Wide view of the North Area excavation underneath the shelter.

Morning Commute

The daily journey to work in Giza.

Just before 7:00am every morning we would pass through the gates on our way to the AERA lab and storage area. We were lucky to pass by the pyramids so early in the day, while it was still peaceful without all the tourists.